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SB Fitness CT400 Self Generated Curved Treadmill

SB Fitness CT400 Self Generated Curved Treadmill

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Named "Best Value Curved Treadmill" by Healthline, "Best Budget" Curved Treadmill by, "Best for At Home Walker" by RunToTheFinish, and "Best Budget" Curved Treadmill by Greatist.

Equipped with unique, shock absorbing flexible slats that reduce joint impact and discomfort.

Designed for HIIT Training, Interval Training, Short Distances and Walking. This treadmill is not recommended for long distance running or sprinting as the flexible slats increase the intensity of the workout.

Ultra-thin flexible slats offer maximum absorption, which makes the CT400 Curved treadmill light weight and promotes less stress on your joints and more muscle activation, resulting in higher intensity workouts.

The CT400 Self-Generated Curved Treadmill Requires NO ROUTINE MAINTENANCE

The CT400 Manual Magnetic Resistance Offers 3 Levels: Low-Medium-High


Advantages of a curved treadmill over a motorized treadmill:

  • 30% increased calorie burn
  • 100% energy efficient. Powered by the body's fat burning furnace
  • 30% Increased oxygen consumption
  • 16% Increased heart rate
  • 2.5% Increased cadence
  • Promotes better running form
  • More Muscle activation
  • Lower risk of injury
  • No maximum speed! Most treadmills max out at 12 - 13 MPH
  • Adjusts to speed changes immediately. Perfect for high intensity interval training
  • No expensive-to-replace electronics or motor that often fail after the warranty period ends.
  • Better reliability and longer service life



  • High-speed nylon bearings for smooth and quiet operation
  • Steel frame and handrails
  • Net Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Great for walking, running, or sports training
  • Super durable, ultra-thin slats (running track) rated for 150,000 miles and tested up to 450 lbs. The flexible slats offer maximum shock absorption
  • Assembled 73" L X 30.5" W X 61.6" H

Safety Features:

  • Start and stop controlled by the operator using curves located in front and rear of machine using gravity and magnetic resistance
  • High tension resistance setting assists in slowing movement down and stopping
  • Upward curve located at the rear of treadmill assists in stopping immediately
  • As operator slows speed, the track slows. As operator stops, track stops
  • Handrails assist in keeping balance, stability and stopping immediately

Treadmill Features:

  • Manual magnetic resistance: Low/Medium/High
  • Front digital display shows distance, speed, time, and calories
  • Set time and distance goals
  • Running Area: 18” X 60”
  • Built-in transport wheels and handle for easy transport
  • Adjustable leveling feet for perfect stability
  • No electricity required, can be used anywhere!
  • Innovative slats are rated for 150,000 miles

Manufacturer Warranty

***Residential Warranty***:
Frame: 10 years Frame (excludes handlebars)
Parts: 5 years (includes handlebars)
Console: 2 years console
Labor: 1 year

***Commercial Warranty***:
Frame: 5 years (excludes handlebars)
Parts: 3 years (includes handlebars)
Console: 2 years
Labor 1 year


The SB Fitness CT400 Self Generated Curved Treadmill ships via freight company, and will be delivered curbside with a scheduled delivery appointment.

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In stock and typically ship within 48 business hours. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Love hate relationship!

Wow, this treadmill really gets my heart rate going!! I have been working out/running for years and this is really kicking my butt, feels good to have this challenge. I have only tried this 3x for 15 minutes each time but I can only last running for 2 minutes and then have to switch to walking for 1 minute and keep alternating. It's tough but seems worth it and I know it will get easier as I keep at it. The only complaints I have is the no cup holder and the screen is so far away and no backlight so I actually can't see it while I'm running unless I shine a flashlight on it. So far, seems worth it for the price.

Raul R.

I've had the CT 400 for about two weeks now and my wife and I love it! Fantastic for walking and running. Easy on the joints. It has a certain bounce to it but no so much that it feels unnatural. There is a small learning curve (pun definitely intended) but you get used to running/walking on it pretty quickly. I probably wouldn't be leaving a review (I usually don't) but they have amazing customer service! The treadmill I ordered was marked down cause of what they described as a "scratch and dent". I have yet to find the dent and the scratch was very minimal. Somewhere down the line of packaging the treadmill they forgot to include the center handle bar. Frustrating in the moment but it was only a matter of calling SB Fitness up and they took care of it immediately. No questions asked, didn't even ask for an order number. Only asked for my shipping address and sent me the missing part within days! Chad was my point of contact and he was great and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Will definitely be buying more fitness equipment from them in the future!


Well this a love hate relationship. It is the best treadmill I have ever owned. But it doesn’t allow you to me lazy. When you get on it you better be ready to work even if you just walking.

Matt Bryan
So far I love it

I’ve ran on this treadmill twice and so far it’s perfect. It has a lot of cushion in the tread. I normally run 2 miles outside in 15 min. It takes me 15 min to go 1.5 miles on this treadmill. I’m not complaining. It’s a great workout. I feel like I’m running slightly uphill the whole time. Great quad workout. Also, the install was really easy. I don’t know what people are complaining about. There’s only 2 side rails and a front piece to install.

Mark Whiskeyman
So far I love this treadmill!

So far I love this treadmill! no power on, just start walking and go! High-weight capacity is amazing! The treadmill seems very well made, though the handlebars seem to "wobble". I think this may be deliberate to account for the natural motion while walking, but if someone from SB could explain the specifics i'd feel better about it. NOTE: Using this treadmill takes some getting used to. I'm getting the hang of it but it takes a few weeks, so be patient and give it time. NOTE: in my version There's an error in the instructions Page 6 and page 7 "Attatch the left/right column using 2pcs *M10*50 and 2 peices *M10*50" Each of these should say 2pcs of *M10*50 and 2pcs *M10*25. The diagram has the correct bolts listed