3 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Workouts

3 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Workouts

1. Use Multi-muscle-activation Exercises
    You should activate more muscles at a time to get more out of your workout. Incorporate intense cardio and multi-muscle-activation exercises into your workout routine. Great, simple, multi-level exercises involving 5+ muscle groups include jumping jacks, lateral shuffle, burpees, inchworm, and indoor cycling. 

2. Don’t Skip the Warm-up
    An effective warm-up prepares your body for more complex movements by sending more blood flow to your muscles. Studies have proven that increased blood flow to your muscles helps your performance in your workout, too! Do you know the exact muscle group your next exercise session will target? If not, do some quick online research! Before your next workout, warm up those muscles you intend to target. 

Need some motivation to follow through? An effective warm-up directly correlates to how stiff/sore you feel after a workout. Try warming up, and feel the difference! 

3. Challenge Yourself 
    We encourage you to optimize your workout by simply choosing to improve your performance. As the intensity levels increase and you feel the urge to stop, think of this quote! “There is no growth in the Comfort Zone and no comfort in the Growth Zone". Practice exercising old-fashioned discipline. Push yourself! We believe in you!

      We wish you the very best on your health & wellness journey! 



The SB Fitness Equipment Team


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