5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

TIP #1: 
     Weight gain primarily comes from overeating. Take a second and think about what causes your overeating! Are you an emotional eater? What causes the emotions that come from overeating during the holidays? Finances? Social anxiety? Tense sitautions with family or friends? Be mindful of what triggers emotions that lead to overeating and do your best to keep those emotions in check. 

TIP #2:
     When your body is dehydrated, you tend to overeat. This is because your organs do not get a sufficient water supply to release glycogens. Glycogens are needed to give energy to the body! Fight off overeating by staying hydrated. 

TIP #3: 
     Don't restrict yourself! Restriction of one food type often times leads to binging of another food type. Give yourself permission to eat anything in small portions. If you fill up on healthy foods first and leave just a bit of room for sweet cravings, you will feel less guilt for allowing holiday treats into your diet. And don’t make the common holiday mistake: do not starve yourself all day in anticipation of eating a holiday meal or party food.

TIP #4:
     Be mindful of alcohol consumption. Alcohol increases your appetite and decreases your inhibitions so you not only overeat, you’re actually more likely to pick unhealthy foods. A good rule of thumb is to eat most of your calories instead of drink them, because liquid calories will satisfy thirst but will not satisfy hunger!

TIP #5:
     Slow down! The slower we eat, the more time the brain has to process the stomach’s full signals. Count how many times you chew each bite of food before swallowing if you feel like you tend to eat rather quickly. 

      We wish you the very best on your health & wellness journey. 



The SB Fitness Equipment Team

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