How Exercise Prevents Injury

How Exercise Prevents Injury

It strengthens your muscles. How?


1. Neural Changes  

The brain is able to engage more muscle cells during exercise through a process called synchronous activation. This process allows the body to make more effective and powerful movements because it allows the brain to have better control of the body’s movement. Contrastingly, the muscle cells of unexercised muscles activate one after another, rather than working together to increase effectivity. The more exercise, the better the chances are of achieving synchronous activation.

2. Enlarges Muscle Cells

Muscle cells grow as they are stressed through periods of exercise, followed by active recovery periods. It’s important to note that adequate protein intake combined with active and recovery periods is necessary in order to enlarge the muscle cells. Stronger muscle cells significantly decrease the risk of injury.

Exercise helps diminish muscle loss.

As people age their neuromuscular communication significantly drops. However, exercise stimulates this neuromuscular communication. Studies have proven that reinnervation of brain-to-muscle communication is extremely protective against age-related functional issues and muscle loss that comes as a result of lower neuromuscular communication.

Safe and effective exercise holds adds more value to your life than you know. We encourage you to implement fun, healthy, and safe exercise into your daily routine this upcoming week. Thanks for reading, reader!

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