3 Surprising Misconceptions of Exercise

3 Surprising Misconceptions of Exercise

#1: Weight Training Brings Bulk 

Many believe that strength training brings only bulk, which is why many women who have a desire to be lean are reluctant to pick up a set of dumbells. Weight training increases muscle mass and to many people's surprise, weight training actually burns fat if the training session is intense enough. Weight training increases the body's oxygen consumption hours to days after the weight training session. This increased oxygen consumption forces the body to increase its metabolic rate, which means that more calories are burned over a longer period of time. Moderate to intense sessions of weight training actually burns body fat!


#2: You Can't Combine Weights & Cardio

You actually should combine weights and cardio. Cardio sessions burn fat much faster because with increased intensity comes increased caloric loss. Combining cardio with weight training is ideal for those who want to build muscle and lean out at the same time, and it also increases the body's agility and endurance. We recommend performing one moderate cardio workout in at least once per week to maintain optimal body function and weight.

#3: You Can Outwork a Bad Diet

Many people claim to be consistent in the gym, but do not see the physical results they expect and this is because they are not intaking the proper macronutrients so that the body can lean out. The fact of the matter is that you cannot outwork an unclean diet. If you're struggling to reach your goals, we recommend tracking your macronutrients while you maintain exercise consistency.

Thanks for reading, reader! We wish you the best on your fitness journey.

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