Advantages of HIIT

Advantages of HIIT


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                          HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training


      HIIT workouts are short, repetitive, and intense periods of exercises with short passive or active recovery periods in between. A standard example of a HIIT circuit includes vigorous exercise for 30 seconds at maximum effort, followed by a 15-second resting period. This process repeats until a timed goal or number of sets has been reached. A full HIIT workout typically lasts 10-30 minutes, and they're designed to burn fat in almost half the time of a moderate form of exercise. Keep reading as we discuss some specific advantages! 



      HIIT exercises help exercisers burn 25-40% more calories compared to a  moderate exercise like walking or light jogging. This allows the user to workout in almost half the time, which is why HIIT has a much shorter duration. 



    HIIT workouts are designed for the user to maximize their exercise periods at 75-100% effort. This can be done with or without any form of exercise equipment. Normally, HIIT workouts are compound exercises, meaning that the exercise works multiple muscle groups at a time. It is commonly used with a combination of bodyweight specific exercises such as burpees, high knees, lunge jumps, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, etc. However, HIIT is not limited to this function; it is an exercise method that can accompany any kind of indoor or outdoor exercise such as sprints, cycling, weight lifting, and body weight exercises. As long exercise is performed incrementally in short, powerful bursts with rest periods, it is considered a type of HIIT. 



     HIIT is a standard exercise in the military and is used to whip recruits into shape. It's used especially to prepare Marine Corps for battle. The Marine Corps has proclaimed that HIIT has three purposes. These purposes are the following, in order: 

      "1. Prevent potential for injury 

  1. Increase performance for combat tasks 
  2. Build strength, optimize mobility, and increase speed"

HIIT training improves the body's V02 percentage, meaning that it increases the body's oxygen consumption. Because of this, the mentioned benefits follow for anyone who executes HIIT. Enjoy the listed benefits above by integrating HIIT as a part of your life.


      Thank you for reading! We wish you nothing but health, wellness, and                                       happiness.



                                    The SB Fitness Equipment Team 

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